Complaints of lengthy process and the Pago Pago wharf resurfaces


The complaint against the lengthy process and the Pago Pago wharf, each time the Lady Naomi arrives to offload and load cargo to/from Apia has surfaced again.

In an open letter to the Minister of Samoa Shipping Corporation, Leatinuu Wayne Sooialo, and the General Manager Leiataua Samuel Phineas cited “extreme chaos” at Pago Pago when the Lady Naomi arrives in American Samoa.

“The ordeal and experience are outdated.

“And we humbly implore the Honorable Minister and General Manager of SSC to re-tender or instruct the local agent in American Samoa for more efficient and less painful operations for the people that hope to clear incoming cargo to American Samoa, and more important the cargo be sent from Pago Pago to Apia.”

At the wharf in Fagatogo.
PC: Supplied

The letter says the system being implemented is outdated “with pushing, nepotism, unorganized operations that is very strenuous to the people that are both Samoan citizens and American Samoa as families that try to send cargo from Pago Pago to Apia.

“Lining up at 12 pm and [only] to leave the wharf at 4 pm is completely unnecessary with manageable and possible improvements to develop this service for the people.”

The complaint accuses Polynesia Shipping agent of lapse in providing this service in a less chaotic manner.

“Then SSC can opt to readvertise the local agent for a better company that considers a better service for the people and not have a condescending view and not care about their service to the people.”

The letter further appeals to the Minister and the General Manager to travel to American Samoa to see firsthand what members of the public go through when sending or uplifting packages from Lady Naomi.

“We invite you [Minister] and General Manager Leiataua to travel to Pago Pago Wharf to witness the disorder and ineffective service the current agent is providing to our people.

“You will see familiar Samoan business owners, faifeau and faletua, the elderlies all struggle to send/receive their cargo in the most unfashionable means.

“If the management of the Pago Pago agent that handles Lady Naomi also happens to read this, our humble request is to act on it. Not for any other ill-feeling towards your company, but for the people of Samoa & American Samoa that depend on you for good service.”