Complex process for NZ Visa; unemployment cited by Associate Minister


Associate Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Magele Sekati Fiaui has called on the government to look into the complex process when applying for a Visa to travel to New Zealand. 

Magele raised his concerns in Parliament yesterday morning and urged the government to consider negotiations with the NZ Government in ways to simplify this complex process. He further noted similar concerns for the process to attain a permit and Talofa pass and urged the Government for assistance.

Another issue cited by Magele is the increasing unemployment and that every year new graduates from the local university yet there are no job opportunities and asked the government to review its current workforce plan to ensure there are opportunities for students graduating with degrees. 

The Public Service Commission has frozen the hiring across Government Ministries and Statutory Authorities from the Officer level to the Principal level.

This is to allow the Commission to reassess the workforce growth structure of the public service. This mandate became effective this past Monday 19 December and was confirmed in a letter endorsed by PSC Chairman, Nonu Saleimoa Vaai, and obtained by Radio Polynesia. 

The letter states that the recruitment moratorium will be in place until further notice. 

According to Nonu, the decision to implement a recruitment freeze is to allow the Commission to reassess the workforce growth structure of the public service in line with the Government’s strategic priorities. 

“The Commission will work with the Ministries and Statutory Authorities to facilitate organizational functions and job description reviews as well as existing staff capabilities to ensure there are only as many employees working in the public service as are necessary for the public service to function efficiently and effectively. 

“All vacant positions that have not been filled for the last 3 months will automatically become inactive,”