Confirmed Covid cases in Manu’a, American Samoa for the first time


Manu’a Islands in American Samoa that was once Covid now have confirmed Covid-19 cases in Ta’u.

Acting Clinical Director Dr Elizabeth Lauvao told 93KHJ News that they are still investigating a possible case or cases on Ta’u Island.

A senior DOH official who spoke on the condition that they not be named said that there are two confirmed cases from the village of Faleasao. According to 93KHj reports, residents of Tau Island reported that members of one family from Faleasao as well as neighbours were at the Tau Clinic for testing.

A teacher said that some parents kept their children from school today afterwards about positive cases made the rounds.

It’s believed that the virus was traced to two people who had travelled from Manu’a to Tutuila for a funeral. They tested negative before they flew back to Manu’a but they fell ill and tested positive for the virus.

The DOH official we talked to said it’s likely that the virus spread to more members of the family in Faleasao.

Manu’a has remained covid-free since the first community case was reported on February 21st.