Connectedness to the Environment NUS poster competition


The National University of Samoa has announced a Poster competition this week. This is a great opportunity for young artists to put on paper their artistic talents and creative skills.

The main theme of the competition is “Connectedness to the Environment,” and nine winners will receive cash prizes and their A3 posters will be displayed at the National University of Samoa Visual Art Exhibition on the 15th of June.

According to the press statement, the participants are encouraged to submit an A3 poster focusing on a particular work of art in relation to the environment and all entries should be innovative and creative in their approach.

The competition is open to all students in the primary and secondary sectors of Samoa. A panel of judges will be appointed by the Visual Arts Committee and the judges’ decision will be final with no appeal.

The deadline for submissions is, Monday, 23rd May, 2022 and all posters must be delivered to the G211 Art Room on campus. The Poster Competition Prizes will be awarded in three categories; Age 5-7 with the theme “In the Garden,” Age 8-12 with the topic “My Best Day Ever,” and Age 13-18 with the theme “Night Fishing.”
“We are thrilled about this contest which stimulates the artistry and the creativity of the younger generation with the way they perceive their environment and express it through paint.

It is critical that we continue to educate the public about the rich history of our environment to create innovative competitions that fascinate and engage Samoa’s youth. This event highlights the potential of art in traversing cultural barriers and transcending the repercussions of Covid19,” said Professor Aiono Alec Ekeroma, the Vice-Chancellor of the National University of Samoa.

The Visual Arts at the Faculty of Education is hosting the competition, which emphasizes the significance of encouraging young artists to showcase their artistic potential via artwork and poster design. The University’s objective is to foster the development of visual art and its long-term commitment to art education by offering competitions and broad public access to art.

As a result, this project promotes the value of utilizing paint to explore the cultural history and the essence of our surroundings as a heritage bestowed by the Creator to behold and uphold.