Consignment of firearms and ammunition held at Customs, is here legally, says Commissioner


The consignment of firearms and ammunition that arrived this past Sunday and was held by Customs has met all the requirements to be exported and sold in Samoa under the Arms Ordinance 1960. 

“It went through the process and it’s here legally,” said Police Commissioner Auapa’au Logoitino Filipo in response to our questions. 

Radio Polynesia was able to confirm the businessman that owns the consignment is the son of Cabinet Minister Laauli Leuatea Schmidt, and they have been selling firearms in the country, legally along with several other firearms and ammunition sellers in Samoa. 

The consignment in question, according to the Police Commissioner has been granted a permit to import the firearms and ammunition as well as a license to sell those firearms in the Country by the Ministry of Police and Prisons. 

Responding from Australia, Auapa’au referred to a statement released by the Ministry last night regarding this matter. 

“This consignment of firearms and ammunition belongs to a licensed dealer pursuant to section 3 of the Arms Ordinance 1960” and that an import permit for the subject cargo was granted under the same act. 

The statement further states that this consignment is currently with the Ministry of Customs and Revenue office for its usual process.