Construction of new flea market to start end of 2022


The Construction of a new Savalalo Market is tentatively scheduled to start before the end of the year.

This was confirmed by Samoa Lands Corporation Chief Executive Officer Ulugia Petelo to the Government newspaper.

At this stage, tenders for the Conceptive Design closed on May 2nd and will be processed through the normal channels before the next phase which will be the construction contract also to be put through the public tender system.

The Savalalo Market to be built on its old location across from Toyota Dealership and McDonald’s Complex will be an exclusive Flea Market, for small family business operators in handicrafts, food stalls, clothes and more.

Selling fresh produce such as vegetables and crops such as taro, bananas, etc. is prohibited once the new Savalalo Flea Market is open for business.

As for the landscape land behind the Tupua Tamasese Efi Complex originally intended to build the new market, that land has been set aside for future Government projects.