Consultations underway for Samoa’s first Anti-Corruption Policy

A key consultation with stakeholders, hosted by the Samoa Public Service Commission last week, marked Samoa’s ongoing dedication in managing corruption, through the development of its first national Anti-Corruption Policy.
The consultation was the highlight of a series of one-on-one discussions held over the last three weeks with stakeholders from the private and public sectors, civil society, women and youth groups, parliamentarians, and the media.
Promoting integrity and good governance to counter corruption were key thematic areas discussed, and the main objectives of Samoa’s joint efforts with the United Nations Regional Anti-Corruption Project (UNPRAC), the United Nations Development Programme (Multi-Country Offices in Samoa and Fiji), and the New Zealand Government.
The development of this policy is a commitment of the Government of Samoa to strengthening integrity and accountability, as highlighted in the Pathway for the Development of Samoa, and the current Public Administration Sector Plan FY20/21-24/25.
The policy aims to promote and strengthen measures to prevent and combat corruption and integrity-related matters in Samoa, more efficiently and effectively.
The development of this policy is another example of Samoa’s continued commitment to the United Nations Convention Against Corruption, the Sustainable Development Goals, the Pacific Roadmap on Anti-Corruption, and the Teieniwa Pacific Unity Against Corruption Vision.
“Corruption is a complex phenomenon that requires comprehensive approaches, and both a need and willingness, to address it. It needs strategic cooperation at all levels. It also requires individual champions for its effective prevention and to help combat it,” said Jorn Sorensen, UNDP Resident Representative.
The United Nations Convention Against Corruption is the first global legally binding instrument in the fight against corruption.
Samoa’s accession to the Convention in 2018 was a key milestone as a nation in strengthening the integrity of its public administrations. Combating corruption in all its forms is part of UNDP’s four-year commitment to the region, including Samoa, as per its new Multi-Country Programme Document 2023/2027 launched earlier this year.
This will be achieved through joint collaborations with the government to promote fortified public institutions and communities, enhance integrity and effective governance through strengthening transparency and accountability, rule of law, access to justice, and efficient service delivery.