Contract for domestic workers, considered in proposed measure


The FAST Government are proposing to legalise employment criteria for domestic workers, in a bill that is pending in Parliament.

One of the issues over the years is the lack of contracts for domestic workers that are hired from overseas or locally to look after the household.

The Labour and Relations Act 2022 amendments say domestic workers are entitled to a contract. Also if a domestic worker lives in accommodation provided by the employer, no deduction shall be made from their salary for the cost of accommodation, unless otherwise agreed upon in the contract.

An employer must not require a domestic worker to be present in the household or with household members during periods of daily and weekly rest or annual leave.”

Also, an employer must provide all items related to the performance of the employee’s duties including uniforms, tools or protective equipment and cleaning materials and the employer must not deduct the cost of items from a domestic worker’s salary.

Furthermore, a domestic worker who is required to live in the employer’s household must be provided with a separate, private room in accordance with regulations and that domestic worker must be provided with meals, rest and meal breaks in accordance with regulations.