Counsel seeks psychiatrist’s opinion for his client


Supreme Court Justice Fepulea’i Ameperosa Roma has granted an application by Counsel Alex Su’a for an adjournment to allow him the opportunity to seek a psychiatrist’s opinion for his client Ikenasio Viliamu.  

The defendant is charged with arson and assault and the co-defendant in this matter is Liliko Asini. This is in relation to the burning down of the house of Mutiatele’s village mayor after a village dispute last month.

When the matter was called on Monday for the criminal mention, the prosecution informed the court they have finalized the charges and were ready to take this matter a step further.

However, Su’a told the Supreme Court that Viliamu may have mental issues. Adding they went through his case file, but repeated efforts to explain the case, his client never understood what was happening.

He appeared confused and did not understand the charges no matter how often I explained them to him,” said Su’a.  

Justice Roma granted the adjournment motion and scheduled this matter to 4 July 2020 without pleas from the accused. The men are out on bail, with conditions they submit all travel documents to the Court Registrar.