COVID-19 Drive thru Vaccinations/Screening/Testing on Saturday


The Government will implement its COVID-19 ‘Drive Through’ Vaccinations roll-out and Screening/Testing today Saturday 26 March, from 8am-2pm.

There are eight drive-thru testing and vaccination sites which will include booster shots – 18years and above for only those with minimum of 3 months since completing the last two doses of COVID-19 primary series vaccination. The Pfizer vaccination for children 12-17 years and paediatric Pfizer vaccination for children 5-11years.

The locations will include the EPI blue building of the MoH opposite Seb and Rene Store at Moto’otua; Malaefatu Park opposite Tanoa – Sogi; SROS (Scientific Research Organization of Samoa Compound) Papauta; in-Front of Government Building – Matagialalua; Vaitele Market; Multi-purpose Gym – Tuanaimato and Apia Park Car Park.

This is outlined in a notice put out by the Ministry of Health, signed off by Acting Director General, Tagaloa Dr Robert Thomsen.

“The public is advised to ensure that you and your child wear masks, had breakfast, and is well hydrated and also to provide a copy of the birth certificate or passport to confirm your vaccination records.

“Wear loose clothing for easy access to the upper arm and you or your child will need to wait for 15-20 minutes at the vaccination site after being vaccinated.”

Furthermore, all eligible population who are acutely ill or have fever (of 38ºC or higher) on the day of vaccination, or is one of the confirmed cases of COVID-19 will not be vaccinated unless they have fully recovered and re-tested with a confirmed negative result.

“Please inform the nurse vaccinator if you or your child has previously had a severe allergic reaction or currently has any allergies.

Also, inform if you or your child has a significant medical condition or if you have any concerns.

The Ministry of Health appreciates the support and urge you to continue to practise preventative measures of COVID-19 such as hand-washing, wearing masks, keep 2 metres distance and avoiding crowded places to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus.”