Daughter of Sapapalii Savaii crowned Miss Mosooi in American Samoa


 A daughter of Sapapalii Savaii has been crowned Miss Mosooi in American Samoa this past Saturday.

Nellie Mercy Tuigamala is a 20-year-old student at the American Samoa Community College, and she won Best Talent, Best Interview, Best Puletasi, and Best Siva Samoa and was also named Miss Internet. 

Bluesky rallies behind this initiative in recognizing the importance of prioritizing the youth of American Samoa and investing in the empowerment of our young women. 

The festival includes a scholarship pageant for our young women attending the American Samoa Community College to compete and showcase the art of our culture with a scholarship to further their education. 

Miss Tuigamala said having been born in Samoa, she does has to pay for college out of her pockets and the scholarship attained from being Miss Mosooi will assist with her schooling. 

The new Miss Moso’oi is currently studying pre-law with the goal to be a lawyer specializing in the environment. She’s passionate about climate change given its detrimental effects on small island countries. 

“Living on an island we see first-hand, the impacts of sea level rise and natural disaster and I want to be able to make a change in this area and our fight against climate change.”