Digicel has launched a new brand campaign


Digicel has launched a new brand campaign Journey Together, Faimalaga Fa’atasi’, which is centered on community, culture and

The campaign celebrates not only the journey Digicel has had over the past 16 years serving Samoa but also the journey it has had and continues to have with its customers. It is a journey of service, success, and leadership.

The new campaign is a tribute to the people of Samoa and reflects the resilience and determination of our communities as well as the unique cultural values that enable us to overcome any challenge on the path towards achieving our goals.

Digicel Samoa CEO, Anthony Seuseu, said; “The aim is to continue to connect the people of Samoa and empower them to achieve their goals.

The campaign is based on the idea that everyone has a journey to take, and Digicel is here to help them along the way.” The campaign features a series of short videos that highlight real-life stories and journeys of notable community leaders and change-makers, including staff and customers sharing their individual stories of growth and success, with Digicel by their side.

It also integrates and weaves in the loyal partnerships Digicel has with the supporting sponsorships and local events such as the upcoming Teuila Festival, Digicel Anofale Mentorship Programme and Digicel Miss Samoa Pageant, Digicel Little Rina Fautasi and highlights the engagement it has in the empowerment of youth, women and underserved communities.

As part of this campaign, Digicel is proud to announce that it has been awarded its fourth trophy for the world-renowned Ookla® Award for the fourth consecutive time as Samoa’s Fastest Mobile Network. It is one notable milestone to win an award and another to achieve this for three years running consistently.

“I’m extremely proud of this progress. We are Samoa’s fastest mobile network and a testament to the continuous efforts we put in as a digital operator to provide high-quality world-class network and services to Samoa, so we keep up with the wave of digital transformation and technological advancements. We owe all our successes and wins to our incredible customers and Digicel family of supporters,” said Seuseu.

Digicel Samoa’s mobile network has been crowned the fastest, starting from the third and fourth quarters of 2021; this is the fourth successive award reinforcing the company’s dedication to maintaining reliable, high-speed connectivity for its Samoan customers.

The Journey Together campaign is a long-term commitment from Digicel Samoa to make a positive difference in the lives of the people of Samoa. It is a reminder that together, we can achieve anything.