Digicel Samoa Chairman Retires After 17 Years


Digicel Samoa Limited announces the retirement of Mr. Pepe Christian Fruean as Chairman of Digicel Samoa Limited after 17 years
of outstanding service.

During his remarkable 17-year tenure with Digicel, Mr. Fruean has made an impressive mark on the organization, leaving a legacy of excellence, innovation, and unwavering dedication.

Mr. Fruean joined Digicel Samoa as CEO in November 2006, at a time when Digicel was making its first foray into the Pacific. Digicel started its GSM network in Samoa in November

He held the role of CEO until May 2015 and played an important role in the growth of Digicel Samoa, which since launching has helped make mobile technology more affordable
and accessible for all Samoans. Upon stepping down as CEO, Mr. Fruean took up the role of Chairman of the Board of Digicel Samoa.

Throughout his tenure at Digicel Samoa, Mr. Fruean made significant contributions across a range of fields, including as a government relations expert, negotiating long-term non-
discriminatory access to key infrastructure such as submarine cables, towers, dark-fibre, and pole access in Samoa, Tonga, and other regions, as well as serving as the commercial ICT sales

Mr. David Burns, Chairman of Digicel Pacific and Group Executive of Telstra Enterprise, reflected on Pepe’s longstanding role at Digicel Samoa, and stated that; “Pepe’s involvement in Digicel Samoa pre-dates Telstra’s acquisition of Digicel Pacific in July 2022.

He was involved in the launch of Digicel Samoa, which represented the beginning of Digicel Pacific and now operates in six markets across the Pacific. Pepe has played an important role in the development of Digicel Samoa, the establishment of Digicel Samoa. He leaves Digicel Pacific with our very best wishes.”

Mr. Fruean’s retirement is effective from 21 November 2023. At that time, he will also be retiring from his role as director at a number of other Digicel Pacific entities.