Digicel Samoa surpasses 100 cell towers and celebrates another award 


Digicel Samoa celebrated the installation of its 101st cellphone tower at the same time while receiving yet another award from Ookla as being the “fastest mobile network”.

The launching was held on Friday at their headquarters.  Ookla, is a global leader in fixed broadband and mobile network testing applications, data, and analysis.

CEO of Digicel Samoa Seiuli Deepak acknowledged the installation and award recognition was a significant milestone for the company.

“We are delighted to surpass 100 cell towers in the country by installing two new towers in Lalovaea and Faleseela.

“It’s a milestone for us.  Today as we speak, we are launching the 101st tower.” He said Digicel has been in the country for the e last 16 years and between this year and last they have installed close to 20 new towers.

“Our customers in Lalovaea and Faleseela will be able to experience the power and speed of Digicel’s network allowing them to connect at home, at work and on the go.

“They will enjoy superfast access to high-definition video streaming, gaming, multiple chatting, instant uploading of photos and more. This will see our people communicate, live, work, connect and play for years to come.”

Adding that these achievements has been the result of listening to feedback from customers, close monitoring of network performance, assistance from Telstra, Australia’s largest telecommunications and technology company, and continued support from the Samoan government.

Digicel Samoa’s Chairman, Pepe Fia’ailetoa Fruen said one of their strategies is to keep up what customers’ feedback, listen to their customers and that’s where they get direction.

“We take it on through their management and they look for ways for us to move forward and having more than 100 towers marks our long terms goal which is to continue to grow and also to improve our service and to provide the capacity.

“And we are delighted to have surpassed 100 towers in the country by installing two new towers in Lalovaea and Faleseela,” he said.

Seiuli Deepak and Pepe Fia’ailetoa told the media they looking forward to establishing more new towers in the country to ensure they deliver the best network experience to their customers and the community.

They also thanked all of their customers for their commitment and support and for choosing them as their partners.

In March, Digicel Samoa won the prestigious 2021 Ookla Speedtest Award.

Digicel, the only Digital operator in Samoa was designated Fastest Mobile Network and Tonga for Fastest Internet Provider making it the go-to place for superior data experience.

Seiuli at the time credited his team of over 150 staff for their hard work which in turn garnered this prestigious award.

It’s been 16 years since Digicel was established in Samoa and just last year announced that it will be taken over by Telstra, now overseeing the entire Digicel Pacific branches including Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Nauru, Samoa, Tonga, and Vanuatu.