Director General position advertised


The Director General position for the Ministry of Health has been advertised by the Public Service Commission.

The current Director General, Leausa Dr Take Naseri is on leave when the publication was made by the PSC.

Leausa has been in office for over six years and under his leadership saw remerging of the Ministry of Health and the National Health Services in 2019.

When Leausa was overseas in March, the Public Service Commission seized the hard drive from his computer, in relation to their investigation over the delay in the procuring of the CT scanner that was tendered in 2020.

According to Health Officials, the hard drive contained deleted emails that led to allegations of collusion and the “discovery of a middle man” in relation to the tendering process of the CT scanner in November 2020.

Yesterday the Minister of Health, Valasi Tafito Selesele told the Media, Leausa’s contract concludes on 22 May, and he has a lot of unused leave which he is now taking.

The Minister confirmed he approved Leausa’s leave. 

Regarding the hard drive that was removed from the Director General’s computer, Valasi says that is part of the PSC mandates when conducting its investigations and they have access to any Government assets.

“However the hard drive had since been returned back to the Director General’s office.”

For the next two weeks, Tagaloa Dr Robert Thomsen is Acting Director-General and then Dr Glen Fatupaito will take over for two weeks after that. 

They will be rotating as a result of the Director General taking leave.