Driver jailed in traffic accident that killed of his wife and sister in law


The driver of the Tucson that crashed at Leusoali’i and killed his wife and sister-in-law was sentenced to three and a half years in jail. 

The sentencing for Setu Alapati was handed down by Supreme Court Justice Ameperosa Roma and its outlined in his judgement and sentence released this week. 

The traffic accident at Leusoalii occurred last year August, involving two vehicles whereas five people were affected including the two women that died as a result, which are the defendant’s wife and sister-in-law. 

The accident further resulted in five criminal charges against the accused including two counts of of negligent driving causing death. 

According to Police report, the defendant’s vehicle overtook the vehicle in front along the curve however another vehicle was coming from the opposite direction.

“To avoid a head-on collision with the oncoming vehicle you swerved to the seaward side in front of the second vehicle and headed straight towards a pulu tree where a 10-year-old female was standing.

“She was struck by the front of your vehicle car, and thrown mid – air before she landed on the ground approximately 10 meters from the point of impact. 

Justice Roma said the defendant’s actions has serious consequences.

“I accept that your family and that of the first deceased have suffered. You and your young children continue to suffer the most from the unexpected loss of their mother. But the sentence must address your offending and manner charged. In view of the aggravating features of your offending, a custodial sentence is an appropriate penalty.”

Justice Roma also outlined the coronial findings, that the sister in law suffered traumatic brain injuries sustained and the defendant’s wife died as a result of severe spinal injuries.  

“On the two charges of negligent driving causing death, you are convicted of each charge and sentenced to three and a half years imprisonment. “On the 3 charges of negligent driving causing injuries, you are convicted of each charge and sentenced to 18 months imprisonment. All 5 sentences to be served concurrently.”