Drug suspects arrested and charged in two separate cases


The Ministry of Police and Prisons last week, executed a  search warrant at Tulaele, where they confiscated utensils used for methamphetamine and digital scales. 

A man was arrested as a result. 

This was confirmed in a statement issued by the Ministry.

In Savaii Police have charged a 41-year-old man with possession of narcotics, after receiving a tip’ Police at the Tuasivi Outpost responded and allegedly caught the suspect selling drugs. 

Police responded to the call and found the suspect’s car on the road, and it was impounded. A search of the vehicles, police found 

– 8 small packets of marijuana

-10 marijuana seeds

– utensils

  Samsung A12 cellphone

– one 12 gage bullet and 

– cash worth of $1258.70

The 41-year-old suspect is remanded in custody and will remain so until his mention in court on the 6th of Feb 2023.