Due to rapid spread of COVID Gov implements home isolation

The Samoa Government has implemented the next step of its response to the rapid spread of community cases of COVID-19, with home isolation.
To date there are 181 confirmed community cases of COVID-19 and 11 are in isolation due to symptomatic and monitored and the majority of the cases have been told to be home isolated.
The other 15 imported cases from New Zealand via flight early in March that tested positive are also in isolation at the hospital.

Acting Director-General, Tagaloa Dr. Robert Thomsen said during its first zoom press conference with the media the Ministry of Health is using the rapid antigen test kits or RAT which take about half an hour before results are revealed.

“One important issue is for the public not to be congested where the testings are conducted most of them bombarding the sites are not required to get tested. The testing algorithm for those eligible are people who had contacts with those already tested positive, with symptoms,” explained Tagaloa.

Adding that some members of the public showed up at testing sites wanting to get tested despite the nurses explaining the algorithm.

“The COVID-19 symptoms are similar to the flu, including getting chills, feverish, pain around the bones, and headaches.”

The Director-General urged the public not to bombard the testing sites this is where the virus will spread rapidly.

“The medical staff has had a hard time trying to explain the algorithm to the public, but due to panic they are neglecting the advice by the health officials, of the unnecessary exposure by those that have already contracted the virus.”

Tagaloa reiterated the preventative measures by the Ministry of Health, to stay home; stay away from congested areas, wash hands regularly, use sanitizer and mask up.

He said those who have tested positive are urged to stay home and isolate in a separate room or a hut (fale o’o) and to follow the brochure they are given, including how to do their laundry; cleaning of your room or restroom after the isolation time.

“Even at home, exercise social distancing for those tested positive.

“Also one must stay hydrated, as those who are sick experiencing pain in the muscles and bones is a result of lack of fluids in the body, and to take paracetamol or panadol up to six hours,” said Tagaloa.

He concluded that when the conditions of people infected get worse, they need to go to the nearest health facility.

In the meantime, the screening and testing sites allocated by the Ministry of Health are the Samoa Tourism Authority fale samoa; Red Cross at Taunaimato and the credentialing building at Motootua opposite the NKF.