Eight districts have received $575,000 of their $1 million


To date, eight constituencies received the first portion of their $1 million tala which is $575,000. 

This was confirmed by Minister of Women and Social Development, Leota Lamositele Laki during a press conference earlier today with the media at the signing ceremony for 15 constituencies. 

The Minister did not outline the constituencies that received the first portion of their District Development Project but said they have submitted all of the necessary documents, including an audited account of the expenditure of the $200,000 already paid out to establish the district offices and their plans for the next four years on utilizing these funding. 

He said the remaining $425,000 will be released to the constituencies once they submit other required documents and proposed plans and of course, audited accounts of what the $575,000 was used for. 

The initial $200,000 released according to the Minister of Social Development, Leota Laki Lamositele, is to operate the District Offices and pay for the 3 permanent staff and 13 Board members who will oversee the development project for each constituency. 

To date 24 out of 51 constituencies have signed agreements with the Ministry of Women and Social Development and the Ministry of Finance.