Seven Tactical Operation Squad members achieve another rank in their law enforcement career

Seven out of 28 members of the Tactical Operation Squad with the Ministry of Police and Prisons were promoted this week, an achievement that left the Officer in Charge (OIC), Inspector Tagaloasa Toddy Iosefa “proud”.
On Tuesday, TOS members were elevated to another rank in their law enforcement careers they are; Sergent Junior Afereti; Corporal Malu Fagalele; Corporal Tuifao Luatua; Corporal Mao Kolio; Corporal Tyrone Mamaia; Corporal Vsesio Molioo and Corporal Walter Tidemann.
The ceremony held at the Anglican Church Hall in Moto’otua was well attended by their proud families, friends, and supporters of the Officers.
“I am so proud of TOS Officers for their achievements. They put a lot of effort into the work they do, their duties, and fulfilling the oath they took when they were first sworn in as Police Officers,” said Tagaloasa.
He said when one applies for a promotion in the Ministry of Police and Prisons they undergo a promotion examination and if passed, there is an interview process and a performance appraisal to follow by the Head of the Division.
“It is a lengthy, comprehensive, and complex process,” he said.
Tagaloasa who has been a Police Officer for 20 years congratulated his fellow subordinates and said that hard work “pays off”.
He told Radio Polynesia the promotions are well deserved as the commitment and passion showcased by the TOS officers speak volumes. 
“Law enforcement work is dangerous in the line of duty, especially for the TOS unit. There are times we encounter gun violence when dealing with drug matters, but when someone takes the Oath of Office, they make the utmost sacrifice of putting their life on the line.
This is not just a job for us, it is a calling that we serve with a passion. It is our duty,” said Tagaloasa. “As their Officer in Charge (OIC) I always remind TOS officers of the importance of our job. We are here To Serve, protect, with Honour and courage,” concluded the Head of TOS.