Employment suffers its twelfth consecutive quarter of negative growth


Employment numbers in the September 2022 quarter decreased by 0.2% on a year-on-year basis, making it the twelfth consecutive quarter of negative growth since December 2019. 

This is outlined in the Samoa Bureau of Statistics released this past week. 

According to the report, the decline reflects the ongoing global impact and the adverse effects the country is experiencing due to national restrictions imposed on the nation by the Covid-19 pandemic.

This has negatively affected industries such as Communication, Restaurants, Personal Services, and Other Manufacturing. 

Wages and Salaries for the September 2022 quarter recorded an increase of 0.4% which amounted to $143.2 million over the September quarter of 2021.

This was mainly influenced by the increase in wages and salaries in industries such as Education, Accommodation, Electricity, and Commerce.