End of an era and the beginning of another – Samoa Breweries to close production on 31st Oct


Samoa Breweries Ltd (SBL) will begin the planned closure of its brewing facilities at the end of this month. The production of Vailima will temporarily move offshore while locals Charlie Va’ai and Beatrice Ott prepare to set up their operations in Samoa. 

The brewery is currently producing at maximum capacity to supply Samoa with Vailima for the months of October and November. The first shipment of the temporarily imported Vailima will arrive in December. Vailima draught beer will continue to be available until November 2022.

The collection and return of Vailima beer bottles will continue until 2023 to ensure all customers are able to return their empty bottles. It is essential Samoa Breweries Limited receive back as many bottles as possible to keep up with demand up until closure.

“Since the announcement of the closure in June, we have been working hard to look after our people and minimise supply distribution of Vailima.” Says Moira Simi, Country Manager of Samoa Breweries Ltd. “The planned closure will impact 34 of our people, down from the initial 50 as we managed to secure roles and retain more staff. The affected employees have been offered generous redundancy packages to thank and recognise their incredible service over the years.”

SBL will continue to sell and distribute Vailima alongside Samoa’s favourite non-alcoholic beverages while the brewing of Vailima will be done locally by Mr Va’ai and Ms Ott once their operation in Samoa is set up.

SBL are continuing to explore options on how to create a stronger connection between its local partners and the Vailima brand.

“It’s always been our strong preference to keep the production of Vailima in Samoa,” says Mike Spencer, GM of Paradise Beverages Limited (the majority owner of SBL). “We are thrilled the brewing of the iconic Vailima brand would remain in Samoa and be looked after by people who are incredibly passionate about Vailima. We know the brand will be in safe hands and we’re exploring further options to provide an even stronger connection between Mr Va’ai, Ms Ott and the Vailima brand”.