Faitaligaoaupa Olive appears in court on TAS charges


Faitaligaoaupa Olive a former employee of Interlinc Samoa Ltd appeared in the Supreme Court this week, on charges of theft as a servant.

However prosecution has yet to finalise the number of charges, this was confirmed by Prosecutor, Fuifui Ioane.

Presiding this matter was Justice Fepulea’i Ameperosa Roma.

The defendant is accused of misappropriating company funds in the tune of close to $100,000 tala.

This matter was reported to the Ministry of Police and Prisons in July regarding a missing $100,000 tala which belongs to Interlinc Samoa limited.
A distributor company of phone credit for one of the local network companies. Its alleged accumulation of the money stolen occurred over a period of time.

During his criminal mention, the defendant informed the court of a letter from the Company seeking to withdraw their complaint. The matter has been postponed to 12 September for the prosecution to consider the letter and to finalise its charges, says Ms Ioane.