FESA host its first conference with stakeholders


Minister of the Samoa Fire and Emergency Services Authority, Faualo Lefau Harry Schuster at the first FESA conference is, to commemorate International Firefighters Day where countries around the world gathered together to celebrate, recognized, thanked and honoured the sacrifices that the firefighters made to ensure the safety of their communities and environment. 

Secondly, the SFESA was legally established by Act in 2017 as a State-Owned Enterprise and not assigned to a particular sector but to a multitude of sector functions. 

He said the Conference was an important milestone in the FESA journey as the key responding agency to pandemics, emergencies and natural disasters in our country.

It is an opportunity to bring together the Community, Health, Energy, Environment, and Infrastructure sectors and SFESA to mainstream and integrate their core functions to be able to work and respond together in times of emergencies. 

It is expected that by the end of the conference, the SFESA and five key sectors will have: 

  • shared experiences and contributions to developing a National Coherent Emergency response; 
  • recognized the transition of SFESA into each key sector core functions; 
  • identified and planned sector activities with SFESA-mandated functions embedded in each key sector activity;
  • worked collaboratively and in partnership to serve Samoa and its vulnerable communities through a sectorial approach.