Festivities celebrating Samoa’s 60 years begins, with revival Teuila Festival


It was not without difficulty that Samoa gained its independence said Tanuvasa Petone Mauga Commissioner of FESA at the official opening of festivities celebrating Samoa’s 60 years and the revival of the annual Teuila Festival since 2019. 

Tanuvasa who is part of the Independence Committee was the Master of Ceremony at the official prayer service held yesterday to kick off the week-long festivities at the EFKS Youth Hall at Mulinu’u, with a church choir exhibition, including the Theological colleges of Piula and Malua. 

The theme of the 60th anniversary Folau male Faatuatua, Sail with Faith

The service was attended by Ao ole Malo, Tuimalealiifano Vaaletoa Suavali, faletua Faamausili Leinafo, Deputy Councils, Prime Minister Fiame Naomi Mata’afa and members of her Cabinet, Members of the Judiciary, New Zealand’s Governor-General Dame Cindy Kiro, Members of Parliament, Chief Executive Officers, Chiefs around the Country, Diplomatic Corps and members of the public. 

Tanuvasa said the hymns to be sung by the Choirs are a tribute to our forefathers that paved the way for Samoa which gained Independence from New Zealand in 1962. 

“It was not an easy journey but here we are 60 years later,” said Tanuvasa. 


Reverend Mosese Mailo the Principal of Piula College led the service yesterday. 


Prime Minister Fiame Naomi Mataafa officially declared the Church Choir Exhibition that is part of the year-long 60th Independence celebrations open tonight at a fully packed EKFS Youth Hall at Sogi.
According to Savali, the event was once part of the much anticipated Teuila Festival -to celebrate our Samoan traditions and culture has now being injected as part of Samoa’s 60 years of Independence Celebrations.
In her opening remark, she said the week-long event that starts tonight starts with praise and worship to our God the foundation of Samoa.
She referred to Psalms 103.1 which reads, ‘Bless The Lord my soul and all things with in me, bless his only name’. These inscriptions form the basis of our journey as a nation over all these many years as crafted and shaped by our ancestors with the divine guidance and ever presence of the Holy Spirit.
She said music is loved by all and is felt in the lullabies of the ocean and the mountains and felt in all levels of our oratory. “But we are proud of the talent thriving among the sons and daughters of Samoa some of them have even broken frontiers of the global music fraternity.”
Five choirs showcased their performances at the event; Kolisi Faafaifeau Piula, Ekalesia Iesu Keriso o le Au Paia o Aso e Gata Ai, Kolisi Faafaifeau Ekalesia Nasareta, Kolisi Telosia Moamoa and Kolisi Faafaifeau Malua.
The theme of the celebration of this year is sail with faith.
“Let us continue on our journey with faith to serve the purposes accorded to each of us!”


Since last week, villages conducted float parades with siva and pese as part of Samoa’s festivities, Satapuala held its celebration on Friday, with entertainments by the four sub-villages, of Faletasi , Sasolomua, Vaia’ua’u, ma Salele’a. 

Government officials that attended were the Minister of Justice and Courts Administration, Matamua Vasati and Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Toesulusulu Cedric Schuster, where they heard the plea from Satapuala through their dancing and songs to correct the name of the Faleolo International airport to Satapuala’s Airport. 


According to the Teuila festival program, today there will also be a cultural siva competition and a string band competition at the main stage event space. The next day Savaii will hold its Independence floral float parade.

PC: Samoa Govt

On Saturday, is the Miss Samoa pageant with eight contestants vying the for the 2022-2023 Miss Samoa Crown. 


PC: Samoa Govt

New Zealand’s Governor-General Dame Cindy Kiro is in Samoa to attend the celebration. 

Kiro will be in Samoa until next Thursday and will meet with Prime Minister, Fiame Naomi Mata’afa, as well as the Head of State.

The Governor-General will also attend a number of independence day events including the re-launch of the Save the Manumea campaign, which helps Samoan communities work together to save the country’s national bird.

She will also visit village communities and celebrate the contributions of two of her patronage organisations: Volunteer Service Abroad and the Fred Hollows Foundation.

Since last week, villages conducted float parades with siva and pese as part of Samoa’s festivities, Satapuala held its celebration on Friday, with entertainments by the four sub villages, of Faletasi , Sasolomua, Vaia’ua’u, ma Salele’a. 


Prime Minister, Fiame Naomi Mata’afa and the Head of State, his Highness Tuimalealiifano Vaaletoa Sualauvi II.
PC: Government of Samoa

During the official flag-raising ceremony in June, le Ao ole Malo, Tuimalealiifano stated Samoa’s successes today are a significant testament that the whole country is taking part in this day of Thanksgiving from the Government to districts and villages to various sectors of the community and economy our development partners, the spiritual role of the clergy and prayer warriors and in particular, the children a source of our strength cross strength are acknowledged with sincere gratitude.

His Highness thanked all the churches and prayer groups in Samoa for continuing to uplift the country, its leaders, and people in prayers.

“I firmly believe that your commitment to seek the lord’s direction for Samoa is why our country remains peaceful and harmonious.”

He also thanked the Prime Minister and Cabinet for the leadership of the Government.

“Our independence celebration is unique and historical,” said his Highness. He acknowledged Fiame as Samoa’s first female Prime Minister a milestone in Samoa’s 60 years of Independence.

Prime Ministe Fiame who is the chairperson of the 60th Independence Preparation Committee, at that time said the raising of the national flag will mark this year-long celebration.

This will give our people the opportunity to witness our programmes for Independence as in past years, which include various cultural entertainments, cultural games such as the fautasi regatta and other similar programmes.

We anticipate and pray that the Lord will continue to guide us as we sail with faith throughout this yearlong celebration.”

In the meantime, the Ministry of Police and Prison have geared up for the Teuila festivities and the week-long celebration for the 60th anniversary of Samoas independence, with more than 400 Police Officers in Upolu and Savaii to oversee the operation ensuring order in place for the festivities.