Former Chairman says Gov investment in Samoa Airways $1 million tala


The former Chairman of Samoa Airways, Muagututi’a Lafaele Ngau Chun has called on the Samoa Government to consider re-investing in an aircraft that will assist the local economy. 

He referenced the investment by other neighboring countries, such as New Zealand and Fiji into its airlines during a talk show on Star FM with host and owner, Maposua Corey Keil today. 

Muagututi’a said the Fijian Government initially owned 51 percent of shares in its airline and recently reinvested $93.1 million as part of a broader strategy to capture the travel component of the tourism value chain. 

Adding that the Fijian Government now owns 74.4 percent of shares in its airline.

He said the New Zealand Government, invested billions into Air New Zealand, and that is something the local Government should take into account. 

As reported earlier, the Samoa Government canceled a lease of a 737-800 Boeing due to concerns of accumulated debt to the tune of $80 million. “We are in a situation where we need to have our plane, so we can bring in our people at our choosing and for competitive airfares. 

“Unfortunately the only share [the local Government] has with [Samoa Airways] is a million tala. “How can that be enough,” asked Muagututi’a. 

He said during his term from September 2019-2022, they had plans with the Samoa Airways management but due to the lack of funding, they did not eventuate. 

“We are back to square one back to flying the [twin otters] that fly to American Samoa.” 

More in later bulletins from Muagututi’a and Maposua.