Friendship Park sign of practical cooperation between China and Samoa

China’s Ambassador to Samoa Chao Xiaoliang during the handover ceremony of China-Samoa Friendship Park congratulated the Government of Samoa on the successful completion and handover of the project.
During his speech at the official opening on Friday Xiaoliang said the completion of the Friendship park is based on the support and help of all parties.
“First of all, I would like to sincerely thank Guangdong province and Huizhou City for its guidance and generous financial assistance to the project.
“Secondly, I highly appreciate that Shanghai Construction Group overcame the impact of adverse factors such as COVID-19, rising raw material prices, and inconvenient transportation, and completed the project with high quality.
As I know, Shanghai Construction Group has no profit at all in this project, thanks for your selfless dedication.
“Last but not least, I want to especially thank the Samoa side for its strong support and cooperation during the construction of the project, which ensured the smooth progress of the project.” 
He said the Friendship Park is a sign of the further deepening of the practical cooperation between China and Samoa, as well as a concrete manifestation of our traditional friendship.
“Since the establishment of diplomatic relations, the two countries have achieved fruitful cooperation outcomes in the fields of infrastructure, anti-epidemic, education, agriculture, medical care, etc.
PC: Samoa Govt
“At present, China is working with Samoa to actively promote the implementation of the outcomes of State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s visit to Samoa and the second China-Pacific Islands Foreign Ministers’ Meeting, so as to bring tangible benefits to the two peoples and two countries. The second batch of China-aided antigen testing kits has arrived in Samoa.
“The Culture and Arts Center will also be officially handed over to Samoa in the future. China-aided three primary schools, police academies and other projects are also progressing in an orderly manner.” 
He said friendship, which derives from close contact between the people, holds the key to sound state-to-state relations.
“The Chinese side will continue to work with the Samoan side to further expand practical cooperation and strengthen sub-national cooperation in various fields, and bring bilateral relations to new heights.”