Fuel price dropped for October


The price of fuel has decreased for the month of October. Deputy Prime Minister and Acting Minister of Finance, Tuala Tevaga losefo Ponifasio, announced that there will be decreased in Maximum Retail Price for Petrol by 22.1 sene per litre from $3.74 to $3.51 per litre.

Diesel will decrease by 10.0 sene per litre from $4.09 to $3.99 per litre, and Kerosene will decrease by 9.9 sene per litre from $3.68 to $3.58 per litre.

“Whilst the crude oil / refined product market remains volatile, the trend in prices since the highs in June has been downwards. 

“For the month of August which is the base pricing for Samoa’s October fuel prices further falls in Singapore product and freight costs and a strengthening Tala vis the US$ all combined to lower local fuel prices.”