Fuel prices decreased for September


The Samoa Government has confirmed the decrease in the price of fuel for the month of September.

In a statement issued by Minister of Finance Mulipola Anarosa Ale Mo1io’o says petrol will decrease by 62.8 sene per litre from $4.36 to $3.74 per litre, diesel will decrease by 60.5 sene per litre from $4.69 to $4.09 per litre and kerosene will decrease by 56.1 sene per litre from $4.24 to $3.68 per litre.

“The impact of the Russia and Ukraine War previously was the main cause for the increases in crude oil and fuel product prices due to concerns regarding the continuity of supply, is now just one of the elements that is causing concern that the world’s economies are moving into a recession. 

The scenario of lower demand for Crude Oil has seen prices fall by over $30.00 USD per barrel since the high prices in June.”