Gagaifomauga #2, MP Foisala Tu’u Lolesio sworn into office


Gagaifomauga #2, Member of Parliament, Foisala Tu’u Lolesio was sworn into office this morning by the Speaker of the House Lio Papalii Taeu Masipa’u, when Parliament convened today.

Prior to the swearing-in, the Speaker of the House read out the Code of Parliamentary Ethics, noting that it is the personal responsibility of every Member of Parliament to maintain the highest standards of ethical behavior to protect and maintain the integrity of Parliament and to make every endeavor to uphold the principles of the Constitution.

He pointed out that every MP must follow the principles intended to provide guidance and standards for the Member of Parliament individually and collectively as they discharge their duties and responsibilities.

“Every member shall uphold the contents of the Oath of Allegiance at all time and maintain the dignity and integrity of the Independent
State of Samoa; its institutions and its people. “Every member shall uphold the laws of Samoa and safeguard the principles contained in the Constitution.
“Every member shall treat other members, the public and officials with respect and dignity, honestly, fairly; and acting with integrity at all

“And for the proper exercise of the power every member shall arrange their private affairs; the use any and all information obtained from their public office; and exercise any influence or authority obtained from Public Office, only to advance the public interest and where any potential and actual conflict of interest arises whether in the member’s private, financial, pecuniary or any interest the member shall be required to
declare that interest and take any steps to remove the conflict or withdraw from the particular process of a transaction.”

Special Requirements for Ministers and Other Officeholders that every member who holds the parliamentary office of any kind is required to
adhere strictly to the principles outlined above and shall not under any circumstances undertake any decision or exert influence in any form
whatsoever in respect of a matter in which the member will derive personal gain or benefit.

Breaches of this Code may be dealt with by the Privileges and Ethics Committee or as determined by Parliament.

A member of the Fa’atuatua ile Atua Samoa ua Tasi, Foisala thanked Parliament and FAST for acceptance of his membership into the party. He also made known during the Parliament session today that he is ready to serve his constituency and Government through his service as an MP.