German Consul donates to Papa and Puleia Primary School

The German Consul has provided financial assistance of SAT$22,000 to Papa and Puleia Primary School in Palauli Savaii for material to aid in the titling of the school’s classroom.
Signed in the office of the Hon. Minister of Women, Community and Social Development, Leota Laki Sio, President of the Papa and Puleia School Committee President Maui Vaila together with the Principal of the school Talalafai Toma Amosa signed on behalf of the school.
The funding will go towards the titling works of the school classrooms ensuring a healthy and safe learning environment for students.
Germany’s Honorary Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany to Samoa Tagaloa Christa Szegedi, her husband Taumalaulu Stefan Szegedi and Project Manager Afoa Stefan Szegedi were there for the Financial Signing Agreement under the German Government’s Small Scales Grassroots Projects.
On behalf of the Government of Samoa, Papa and Puleia, the Minister extended appreciation to the Honorary Consul and her team and the Government of Germany for their contribution to the development of communities in grassroots Samoa through educational assistance.
Project Manager Afoa Stefan said this is part of the Government of Germany’s contribution and support towards education in Savaii.
This is the second time the German Consul has aided in the development of education for Palauli.