Gov distributes hygiene packages for vulnerable families affected by COVID


In an effort to assist vulnerable families within our communities, the Ministry of Women, Community and Social Development has begun the distribution of hygiene packages for vulnerable families currently affected by COVID19.

In line with the Ministry’s mandatory focus, this initiative currently prioritizes low-income families struggling to support multiple children, a person(s) with a disability, the elderly or a loved one infected with COVID19. 

A total of 200 packages containing basic necessities such as; soaps, face masks, sanitizers, water bottles and basic hygiene information/brochures from the Ministry of Health, of 100 for Upolu and 100 packages for Savaii.

In the last week, over 60 hygiene packages were delivered to selected families in Upolu to villages such as; Falelauniu, Tafaigata, Malie, Leone, Magiagi, Letogo and others with more expected within the next week.

For Savaii, 100 packages were distributed to 20 districts, of which were mostly received by their Members of Parliament or a government representative in villages, with the aim for them to distribute to selected low-income families.

As our families and communities continue to adapt to managing infection and living with COVID19, our households are vulnerable to severe health difficulties and placing stress on everyday economic & social challenges.

The Ministry seeks to provide direct support and coordinate with its network of implementing partners and donors to mobilize similar support for our vulnerable families across the country.

In such unprecedented times, the Ministry continues to support the Government’s collective effort to manage the pandemic and boost the resilience of our communities to the threat of COVID19.

We acknowledge the continuous support of our Community Development partners, Village Representatives, Faith-Based Organizations, NGOs/CBOs & Development Partners/Donors and appreciate your partnership.