Gov leaders, statutory expenditure renumeration in FY 2020 $9.5 million


A total of $9.50 million was used for salaries of leaders in all three branches of Government including the Head of State and Council Deputies, in the financial year 2020.

An increase from $8.88 million in the previous financial year. This is outlined in the public accounts statement for statutory expenditure renumeration, for the financial year 2020.

The public accounts were submitted to Parliament by the Minister of Finance, Mulipola Anarosa Ale-Molioo in January, this year.

According to the public accounts, the salaries for the Members of Parliament amounted to $5.5 million whereas $2.56 was paid for the Members of Parliament.

This did not include $1.53 million for Associate Ministers, says the report.

The salary for the Prime Minister, according to the accounts, is $223,847; Deputy Prime Minister, $177,849; Speaker $162,025, while Deputy Speaker’s salary is $124,251.

The salary paid for the Chief Justice for the year under review was $8,356 and $1.02 million for Supreme Court Judges and $557,683 for District Court Judges. The Lands and Title Judge’s salaries amounted to $154,516.

The public accounts report states for the Controller and Auditor General, was $142,856. The Ombudsman’s salary is $139,227.