Gov proceeds to set up Samoa Export Authority, to assist local exporters


The Government is proceeding with setting up the Samoa Export Authority (SEA) in line with its Strategic Plan to generate new income opportunities for farmers and reduce the country’s reliance on exports.

Savali reports that included in the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Budget request is the funding of $300,000 proposal, to assist the preparatory phase in establishing the Authority.

The Authority will take over the duties and responsibilities to secure overseas markets for the country’s agricultural crops and fish instead of local exporters struggling to find new opportunities independently, Agriculture and Fishery Minister La’auli Leuatea Polataivao Schmidt told Parliament recently.

For the exporter’s benefit and smooth transition, the Government’s Warehouse in New Zealand will be fully utilize and open to all local exporters for storage purposes and to sell their fruits of hard labor.

SOURCE: Savali