Cabinet removes 20% discount on Gov electricity bills


Effective July 9, 2023, Government ministries, agencies and state-owned enterprises will no longer have its 20 per cent reduction on the cost of electricity.

In a notice endorsed by the Electric Power Corporation General Manager, Faumui Tauiliili Toimoana confirmed revoking the 20 per cent reduction as per Cabinet. 

The government offices on Cash Power will be charged $1.02 per unit, while offices on billable meters will be charged $1.05 per unit. 

This will not affect residential and business customers.

Cash power for domestic consumers remains at $0.52 for up to 50 units, while for 51 Units and over is $0.63 and for non-domestic consumers, the cost is $0.63 per unit.

Faumui noted that Cabinet approved for the tariff to be fixed and subject to review with respect to tariffs, rates or charges for electricity services by the Electric Power Corporation.