Growing ornamental horticulture in Samoa

Samoa’s blooming ornamental horticulture sector is poised to play a role in the country’s domestic and export markets following a new partnership with the Pacific Horticultural and Agricultural Market Access Plus (PHAMA Plus) Program.
The Australia and New Zealand-supported PHAMA Plus has partnered with the Samoan Cut Flowers Association – Fa’alapotopotoga Aiga Ma’ale’ale (FAMA) and Organic Mothers of the New Earth (OMONEA) to improve the availability and production of indigenous and exotic ornamental plant varieties.
Ornamental horticulture in Samoa refers to the cultivation, production, and use of plants, flowers, and trees primarily for their aesthetic and decorative purposes. Ornamentals are grown and marketed within Samoa for use at special ceremonies, public and private events.
Two local grower groups, FAMA and OMONEA, have come together with a vision of establishing a well organised and progressive sector that creates income generating opportunities for growers, who are mainly women, with prospects for sustainable and long-term growth, including export markets.
“The ornamental horticulture sector has experienced a surge in interest among local growers and enthusiasts alike. Through our collaboration with PHAMA Plus, we envision a more sustainable and innovative ornamental horticulture sector that revolves around economic opportunities for our growers and local communities.
“These materials form a genetic base for creating a new diversity of species and varieties through breeding to sustain the ornamental sector,” said Sili Malaeolela Valerie Tuiā, FAMA-OMONEA Project Manager and Technical Adviser.
“Through the collaboration, FAMA-OMONEA has imported new varieties of orchids, anthuriums and adenium species of ornamentals, which are made available to their members for cultivation in Samoa. “Through this partnership, we aim to improve the availability and production of exotic ornamentals to increase the range and quantity of plants that are available for women to propagate, market and generate income,” said PHAMA Plus National Facilitator Samoa Pu’eata Tanielu.
PHAMA Plus is also assisting FAMA-OMONEA to establish and maintain a local, reliable pool of plants from which growers can source nursery planting materials. It also creates a central avenue where small growers can sell their cut flowers through a well-coordinated marketing approach.
With a commitment to climate smart practices, PHAMA Plus will support FAMA-OMONEA to adopt climate resilient and sustainable practices and manage biosecurity risks when importing exotic plant materials.