Happy Independence Day Samoa

In a few hours, Samoa will go into a celebratory mode in commemorating the Country’s 60 years of Independence from New Zealand.
In line with the Country’s celebration, Chairman of the Disaster Advisory Committee Agafili Shem Leo reminded the public that as part of the 60th Independence Anniversary Commemorations Programme, the National Emergency Siren Network will be activated by midnight 12 am tonight, thus all sirens along the South Coast from Aleipata towards Mulifanua will go off for only 10 minutes.
“Families are gently encouraged and reminded to ensure that their elderlies and young children are kept informed of this initiative. “May the 60th anniversary of our country’s independence be a triumph for us all,” said Agafili.
Congratulatory messages are pouring in from international bodies, such as the UN; SPRER, and the local Chamber of Commerce.
The Chamber, is a statement issued noted that looking back at the Public-Private Partnership with the Government over the years and as the voice of the private sector, they express gratitude to our Government leaders for your commitment and support in Samoa’s private sector development.
The United Nations outlined the milestones achieved by the Samoa Government, as the first Pacific nation to gain its independence in 1962, Samoa has served as a great model of determination and commitment to bettering the lives of its people and advancing sustainable development on its islands and in the region. In 1976, Samoa joined the United Nations fully embracing the Charter and the values of the organization and bringing the voice of the people of the Pacific on the global stage. 

Over the last 60 years, Samoa has greatly advanced to graduate from a Least- Developed to a Mid-Income Country in 2014, achieve most of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by 2015, adopt the Sustainable Development Goals in national plans and present, to date, two voluntary National Review reports to the High-Level Political Forum under the auspices.  

The SPRER also congratulated the Samoa Government, and all the people of Samoa for the wonderful milestone.

As the host country of SPREP, they acknowledge with gratitude Samoa’s support of our work.