Head of Paediatric Ward urges parents not to panic


The Head of the Paediatric Ward at the national hospital, Papali’i Dr Tito Kamu is urging parents not to panic if their child has COVID, but take measures to assure their child recovers.

The comments by Papali’i follow the increasing number of children who have contracted the virus in the Country.

According to the Ministry of Health’s latest data, children up to nine years old infected by the virus now stand at 271.

Papalii said the parents need to give their children paracetamol, and vitamin C, such as lemonade and coconut water.

Adding that if the child is breathing rapidly, that is not a good sign and the child should be admitted into the hospital immediately, as that are signs of pneumonia.


The Head of Paediatric also urges parents to call the Paediatric ward for any concerns and questions they may have on 66598 or 66599.

Papalii said their staff recently underwent a refresher course in how to respond to calls from the public.

“Parents are in panic mode and it’s normal for every parent to react as such when it comes to their children, but panic will also create doubt, and urged parents to call the Paediatric Ward if they have any concerns or questions about the wellbeing of their child,” said Papali’i.