Health warns of “online illegal food businesses offered to the public”


Due to the increase in “online illegal food businesses offered to the public,” the Ministry of Health has issued a stern warning that it is illegal to sell food without a Certificate of Health. 

This is outlined in a statement issued by Director General of Health, Aiono Dr Alec Ekeroma. 

He said the Ministry of Health had noted an increase in online illegal food businesses offered to the public that do not have Health Certification or Notice of Compliance for their food business.

“For information, a food business cannot operate with official approval from the Ministry of Health through the Certificate of Health/Notice of Compliance which guarantees that the food operation and facility align with the Ministry’s health requirements and ensures the safety of food consumed. 

“Thus Non-compliance to health certification is prohibited by food legislation and subject to Section 13 of the Food Act 2015. 

“The Ministry, therefore, advise food businesses that were not legally approved to adhere to the following: to cease online advertisement/operation of their food businesses; to apply to the Ministry for a Certificate of Health and to comply with the health requirements on food safety. 

“We also advise the public to avoid purchasing from such food businesses as food being catered may be compromised of its food safety,” said Aiono.