Hearing set for four men implicated in the death of a man in 2018


The hearing for the four men accused implicated in the death of man in 2018 is now set for hearing on 22 Jun2, 2022.

The men are alleged it to have chased down the defendant who didn’t pay his taxi fare and allegedly stuffed him in the boot of the taxi and drove to the police station.

However upon arrival at the Police station the man had died.

All four men are denying the charges of kidnapping, Iopu Taimalie, Iapesa Elisara, Anzac Matavale and Feagaiga Touli in addition, to the manslaighter charge against Elisara and Talimalie.

They appeared before Supreme Court Justice, Nia’ava Mata Keli-Tuatagaloa.

The men were initially charged with murder, however last month the prosecution opted to reduce the charges to manslaughter for Elisara and Talimalie.

Prosecutor, Lupematasila Iliganoa Atoa informed the Police does not have enough evidence to proceed with the murder charge hence the application to amend the charges.

Also the “autopsy report” indicated the man “died as a result of severe head injuries” however there are no witnesses and evidence to proceed with the murder charge.