Heavy rain advisory promptly upgraded to a warning


Following long dry spells towards the end of last year, where the Samoa Meteorological Division has confirmed that a “meteorological drought” was in place last night the Met Office issued a warning for heavy downpours and potential flooding. 

Last month the Samoa Water Scheme Association cautioned that over the course of the last twelve months, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment through the Meteorology division recorded a significant drop in accumulated rainfall totals below its normal for most parts of the country. 

In the latest weather issue last night, the Met Office reported that a convergence zone with associated activities remains within the vicinity of Samoa.

The system is forecast to impact the group with numerous showers throughout today. 

The development of the system may bring heavy downpours that could trigger flooding to prone areas. Hence, the Heavy Rain Advisory was promptly upgraded to a Warning.

The Flood Advisory is also valid for all major rivers and vulnerable areas as more rain is expected.

Additionally, an increase in wind strength of 35-45 kph is anticipated by tomorrow afternoon. The Wind Advisory and the Marine Advisory are now in force for all land and coastal to marine areas in advance before the arrival of the predicted strong and gusty winds.

Potential Impacts:

Heavy downpours with poor visibility, foggy and slippery roads over mountain passes and ranges, pooling near roadsides and waterways. Flooding and landslides are possible. Expect strong and gusty winds at times and rough seas.