Heavy rain and flood warning continues for Samoa


The severe weather report from the Samoa Meteorology Office relating to heavy rain and flood warning for Samoa, issued earlier at 5.00am today, remains valid as of this evening.

The public is therefore advised to ensure the safety and protection of families especially the children, elderlies and those people with disabilities.

The public is also reminded to avoid river banks and flooded areas and stay alert, watchful and observant of possible risks and threats. Boiling water before drinking and observing good personal hygiene are highly recommended.

As of this afternoon, two evacuation sites have been activated for residents in the Apia urban should the situation escalates and requires immediate evacuation.

These evacuation sites are located at:

  • The ADRA SDA Hall at Lalovaea
  • Gym 2 at Tuanaimato

The relevant authorities continue to monitor major water levels, rivers and roads to ensure safety and security of our people and resources. For emergencies, please contact 997 (NEOC) or 911 (Fire and Emergency)