Helping Hands offers cash powers for families in need


The Helping Hands in Samoa continues to lend assistance to families during the lockdown for cash powers.

Everyone is entitled to this assistance once per lockdown, especially those in need. The service is free, according to the post on their official Facebook page.

The non-profit organisation simply asks to provide, the name registered under the meter; the meter number and the phone number.

“Please do not message in under different names it is unfair to those who haven’t received power before and it takes unnecessary time out to filter out the meter numbers that have doubled up.”

“As stated in the first announcement, we will give out 150 families per week which were then extended to 200 families per week.

“This is week 2 although list 3 is more than halfway through the distribution process.”

The team at Myna’s Supermarket will send a text with the voucher number on it therefore it is important to provide the correct phone number.

“Smart meters will go through automatically. We do ask for your patience as the teamwork through the process of so many names.”

Known for their community service by delivering food during the measles outbreak, Helping Hands is unable to provide food or monetary assistance, due to the high risk of being exposed to the spread of Covid19 to others as well as their volunteers.

“This is the safest way we have thought of thus far to help but this does not mean we won’t continue to find ways to help when it is safer to do so.”

This week, the Helping Hands have distributed and assisted over 750 families with cash power, with a total value of $22,280 tala.

“All made possible by the kind donations of so many wonderful people Stay safe, stay vigilant and God bless”

In the past Helping Hands ran a kitchen in Lotopa, using donated food to make soup, which is taken to medical teams at the Tupua Tamasese Meaole National Hospital, and the Leulumoega District Hospital at Nofoalii.