High cost of airfares due to limited flights per week


The significant cost of airfares for Samoa Airways passengers is due to the limited flights and restrictions by the American Samoa Government. 

These are the comments by the Sales and Revenue Manager for Samoa Airways Chris Dalton, following complaints by members of the public over the significant price of airfares to fly between Samoa and American Samoa. 

“Right now, we are selling a standard fee of $130 one way, and it’s a restricted airfare which is quite high. 

“And it is not an ideal fare but given our limited capacity and we are restricted by the capacity as per the American Samoa Government. 

“They say we can only operate 12 flights a week, but that does not include charter flights and we have to make a special request for approval.” 

Dalton said the airfares can be cheaper if the ASG would allow them more flights per week. 

“However if we could operate up to 20 flights a week, it will allow us to decrease the airfare and share cost on ex-amount of flights, but again it is restricted by the Government,” he said.