HRPP rubbish explanation by Minister Olo on Gov vehicle with private license


The Human Rights Protection Party has rubbished the explanation by Minister of Works, Transport and Infrastructure, Olo Fiti Vaai on why the Government vehicle has been registered as a private vehicle.

In a letter to the Editor, the leader of the HRPP Tuilaepa Dr. Sailele Malielegaoi says Government policy under Good Governance Principles requires the Prime Minister and all Ministers of Cabinet for government, vehicles to be ordered through their Ministries, and not through

“In this way, vehicles are standardized and cheaper and their proper usage will be more easily accountable. Buying second-hand vehicles for use by Ministers was never a Government policy, nor was it permitted under donor project assistance.
Public criticisms have been raised on a V8 vehicle bought by the Minister of Works from Australia using public funds, but carrying a private plate number.”

Adding that any vehicle with a private plate number means the vehicle is owned by the buyer and a V8 vehicle is extremely expensive and suitable only for countries with road speeds allowing vehicles to drive above 100 kilometers an hour on great highways to ensure smooth movement of traffic.

However Minister Olo told Radio Polynesia, it’s been three weeks since the vehicle which cost $200,000 has been purchased and used for Government purposes, such as for site visits. There was unused funding from the waterfront project which was about to be returned and so this was used to purchase the Landcruiser from Australia as the local Toyota branch didn’t have it in stock.

He further pointed out the vehicle in question while it has a private license plate, is still registered on the registration system under the Ministry of Works Transport and Infrastructure.

Tuilaepa said during his Administration, Ministers were not allowed to order vehicles through the Corporations as this was a favorite trick to evade Cabinet Policy for the authority on Corporations’ business is vested in the Board of Directors under the Minister in charge. Adding the explanation by Olo is a “very weak excuse”.  that the vehicle is funded under a Project.

“It is unthinkable and a sure embarrassment for any donor to supply the Independent State of Samoa with second-hand broken-down equipment.”