ILI cases dropped, but exceeded double the average


The influenza-like illness (ILI) cases exceeded double the average two weeks from 7 August to the 13th, according to the latest data the Ministry of Health released in its Syndromic Surveillance & COVID-19 Update report. 

However, the cases dropped to 510 from 622 influenza-like illnesses. Also, the cases have exceeded double the average in the previous two weeks, and despite this, the Ministry says the cases reported are well below the threshold.

The Ministry of Health still highly recommends the general public to continue the practice of preventative measures such as – wearing masks, especially when coughing and runny nose, hand hygiene, and avoiding large gatherings without masks.

If you are feeling ill with flu-like symptoms, please see a nurse or doctor, stay home, and take medications as prescribed.

Regarding severe acute respiratory infection, the Ministry recorded right cases from 15 previously. 

The SARI cases reported have been investigated, and no known links were identified. Therefore, it does not meet the definition exceeding the threshold. The public is strongly advised to continue to practice preventative measures.

According to the Health report, there was no record of a coronavirus infection occurred over the last seven days.

Furthermore, there has been a total of 31 COVID-19-related deaths recorded in Samoa since the first community infection was recorded in the country last March.