Independent Water Schemes Association recipient of two prestigious awards


Samoa’s Independent Water Schemes Association (IWSA) received two prestigious awards at the recent Pacific Water and Wastewater Association (PWWA) exclusive annual conference held in Palau from August 28th to September 1st 2023.

The awards “Best Technical Performance” and “Best Coverage” in the tiny Pacific water utilities category are a testament to IWSA’s dedication and commitment to providing high-quality water services in Samoa.

The Pacific Water and Wastewater Association (PWWA) is a highly respected organization with 31 water utility members from 21 countries across the Pacific.

Its mission is to be the principal voice for water and wastewater management in the Pacific Island nations, fostering expertise in the sustainable management of these essential services and promoting the development of a cohesive, proficient, and robust water and wastewater sector within the region.

IWSA’s recognition at the PWWA conference reflects its achievements and contributions to the Pacific water and wastewater sector.

The awards “Best Technical Performance” and “Best Coverage” were presented based on benchmarking performance data collected by the PWWA through the tools and instruments of the International Benchmarking of Water and Sanitation Utilities of the World Bank (IBNET).

President Asi Sasa Milo of IWSA remarked, “We are deeply honored and humbled to receive these prestigious awards from the Pacific Water and Wastewater Association.

They stand as a testament to the unwavering dedication and expertise of our team and partners, reaffirming our commitment to enhancing water services for the people of Samoa.” IWSA takes great pride in representing Samoa among its Pacific water utilities sector peers.

These awards further motivate IWSA to continue contributing to Samoa’s National Plan – Pathway for the Development of Samoa (PDS, FY2021/22 – FY2025/26.) and the development of the Pacific water and wastewater sector.