Pago inmates suspected for breaking into office and driving off in govt vehicle


In the news from American Samoa, two inmates are suspected of the break-in of the Road Marshall Office at Lions Park and the theft of an office truck which ran off the road at Alega Sunday morning. 

Information from police sources is that inmates Joeita Faaaliga, now notorious for repeatedly breaking out of the Territorial Correctional Facility and another inmate, Joe Iakopo, have been identified on video footage and by witnesses as the culprits.

Chief of Police Pou Supapo told KHJ News that DPS is very concerned that inmates are escaping and committing crimes and police are not notified. She said the inmates’ actions are brazen and need to be stopped.

On Sunday, the governor’s office stated that a vehicle (GO-40) assigned to the GO Road Marshall Division was found off-road and abandoned in the village of Alega. Authorities were promptly notified.

The GO Road Marshall Division was contacted, and they reported that the Road Marshall Office, located near the Lions Park area, had been burglarized, and a vehicle was missing from their compound.

The Public Safety ranking officer reported that several government offices in the area were also broken into. 

SOURCE: TalaneiNews