Inter-school athletics ended without any violent brawl between schools


The annual Interschool Athletics has always been marred by a long history of violence, according to Savali reports. 

The sporting event at Apia Park Stadium two weeks ago ended without a single violent brawl between schools. 

In previous years, the Savalalo Bus terminal has always been the scene of disorder and dangerously unruly behaviour with students fighting and violently thrashing each other. These many incidents have always resulted in the Samoa Police, the Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture, and heads of schools involved coming together to find solutions. 

Sale Faletolu, the President of the Samoa Secondary Schools Principal’s Association, in an exclusive interview with the Savali, claims his colleagues were strongly advised that this was their responsibility. 

According to Faletolu prior to the event Principals were strongly urged to take full responsibility of keeping their students under wraps to ensure there would be no fights between schools during or after the event. “The principal must enforce discipline in their schools.” 

And the zones competition have all finished without a single incident, he added. With SSAB Champ of Champs’ on the 15th of this month Faletolu is keeping vigilant in prayer, that the event which will bring together top athletes from schools across Upolu and Savaii, will also end the same. 

Another ultimatum is also in place and is a procedure enforced by the Association, says Faletolu. Any schools with students involved in any form of violence will be penalised. 

The penalty is banishment from competing at any of the national school events, especially at the inter-school athletics. How long the ban will hold for depends on the severity of the involvement, says Faletolu.

However, says it is important that students are reminded and encouraged of the main purpose and focus for this event.

SOURCE: Government media