Jai Opetaia in Samoa to thank his supporters and fans

Australian-born, Samoan boxer Jai Opetaia has been in the Country to thank his supporters who have unselfishly helped realize his dream to become a world champion in professional boxing.
Savali reports that as the newly crowned IBF and Ring cruiserweight world champion, Opetaia is taking five in Samoa to personally thank his supporters including the Government of Samoa.
Four years ago, Opetaia with roots in Apia was appointed as Samoa’s Roving Tourism Ambassador in the global squared arena in a partnership arrangement with the Samoa Tourism Authority.
To say thank you to Government and Samoa’s support, Opetaia is in the country for 2 weeks to recuperate after claiming his two world titles in July, according to Savali reports.
Opetaia who is in the country with Tasman Fighters a Management Promotional company for the boxing industry agreed to the partnership with a cool ‘on to bigger and better things’.
A sign that his promotional efforts of Samoa is bringing in crowds and that he is enjoying every bit of the relationship. Tourism Minister Toeolesulusulu thanked the Cruiseweight world champion for this support in promoting Samoa and congratulated him for his courage displayed at his most recent bout in the ring.
The Australian professional boxer, 27 was invited to travel into Samoa by the Minister and has worked closely with STA pre-covid to promote Samoa.
He has held the IBF and The Ring cruiserweight titles since July 2022.
The meet reconfirms that he will continue to play this pivotal role in efforts to build the country’s tourism industry following major impacts from Covid-19 that restricted international travel into the country.
His presence in the country during the commemorations for the annual Teuila Festival linked in with Samoa’s year-long 60th Independence celebrations has attracted crowds to the venues of celebratory activities he has attended.
While in Samoa Opetaia has also paid a call to Maluafou College and sailed to Savaii for the country’s 60th Anniversary Independence commemorations a first-ever hosted on the island.
These are scheduled visitations organized by the Tourism Authority while in Samoa. Opetaia is also seen at many of these events making the time to shake hands and take photos and selfies with members of the community.